About the Owner

Hello Cuties! I am Shanae Simon, owner of Closet of Classè and I want to share with you a little bit about me. I courageously opened Closet of Classè on August 1st, 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. The resale concept came to me while thinking about my love for thrifting and finding good deals. The more I thought about my love for deals, I realized there weren’t many stores in the market that catered to minorities and or low-end communities that also provided quality. This is where the journey to birth Closet of Classè began. My main goal is to keep items priced at $20 or less to provide quality service and fashions for those in underserved communities.

In addition to my mission to cater to those who are underserved, I decided to partner with the Spring of Tampa Bay due to their focus on aiding survivors of domestic violence. As someone who once lost a close loved one as a result of domestic violence, this partnership between the Spring of Tampa Bay and Closet of Classè made perfect sense! It is a great honor and privilege to support the Spring of Tampa Bay’s mission by providing a variety of donations from women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. I also feel I am honoring my late loved one and women alike on their journey to escape domestic violence.

Residing in a city that’s considered a huge melting pot, people are often shocked when they learn I’m a Tampa, Fl native! Yup, that’s right, born and raised in the beautiful Tampa Bay! I am an English graduate of Florida State University and I am so proud to be a Nole. #GoNoles During my college days, I explored modeling as a hobby which eventually turned into a business for me. I find myself incorporating my exposure and experience in the fashion industry into my day-to-day management of Closet of Classe.

As I continue my journey with Closet of Classe I invite you to come by and visit!

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